The term DOSO, Day On Stay On, was something we used when I first came into the military. I was young and was not use to the workload so to get me acclimated they made me work everyday all day. I worked every meal until the building closed. I would get home just enough to shower and sleep. I was not let off until I showed progress and I moved at a decent pace that would not slow the team down.

This method (now illegal) brought out a grind in me that was buried in my bloodline. So now no matter what it is I put in work. So no matter what you want to be or want to achieve you have to put in the work. Even if it means you miss out on parties or even sleep, I will grind and hustle to reach my goals. I want everyone to be able to wear it whether it’s a fitness enthusiast or the working two jobs to pay for medical school. The military piece is just the origin of the the name but the work hard take no for an answer approach is something to convey. When it comes to whatever your goals are the grind doesn’t stop. The serial entrepreneur, the stay at home mom/dad, the artist, the athlete, the single parent, the college student, the multitasker, the code writer, the barber, the nurse- all can relate to hard work and sacrifice for a vision only they can see. Day on stay on until I achieve greatness

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